Hello everyone and her we go!

It's been a bit and I'm so thankful to be back.

In this episode we do a bit of updates as my audio work has turned full time! A brief talk on crypto and then we begin to deep dive into Ingo Swann and his book "Everybody's Guide to Natural ESP. Unlocking the Extrasensory Power of Your Mind" 

- Some story time on Ingo with another one of his books "Penetration"

-His break down of how the mind is put together in correlation to our ESP core

- How the mind gets in the way of our ESP core and its attempts to provide information

-How picture drawing can bypass the hurdles our ESP core has to hop over

...and much more!


Stretchin the edge of our mind is what I'm all about. Ingo is a gold mine and I'm looking forward to sharing and spreading these riches with you.


and hey,


thanks for Hangin.


Show notes: 

Ingo Swann Wikipedia 

Estate of Ingo Swann Twitter

Ingo's Book List


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